Stephen Rushton; Drums, Tympani, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Lap Steel, Bass Harmonica, Kazoo, Timbales, Bongos, Percussion, Programming, Additional Electric and Accoustic Guitars, Royal Enfield Crusader Sports, Backing Vocals. Louise Cookman; Vocals, Percussion. Claire McInerney; Lead Flute, Alto Flute, Baritone Saxophone. Frank Ricotti; Vibraphone, Congas, Shaker. Malcolm MacFarlane; Electric and Accoustic Lead Guitars. Frank Dawkins; Electric and Accoustic Guitars. Mark Ridout; Electric and Accoustic Guitars. Jon Noyce; Bass Guitar. Paul Morgan; Double Bass. George Muranyi; Piano, Organ, Fender Rhodes. Sue Greenway; Flute, Tenor Saxophone. Dave Priseman; Trumpet. Andy Flaxman; Trombone. Marcus Bonfanti; Electric and Accoustic Guitars, Bottle Neck Guitar. Tim Cansfield; Electric and Accoustic Guitars. Tony Barnard; Electric and Accoustic Guitars. The String QuoTet: John Mills, 1st Violin. Richard Smith, 2nd Violin. Levine Andrade, Viola. Bozidar Vukotic, Cello. Strings contracted by Levine Andrade. Divas of Redemption: Jeanie Brower, Paul Smith, Faye Chapman and Keshia Clark; Backing Vocals. Margaret Cameron; Backing Vocals. Hannah Renton; Backing Vocals. Adrian Fry; Backing Vocals, Brown Shoes, Nappy and Hammer. Recorded at Prorcupine Studios, London by Nick Taylor. Produced by Stephen Rushton. Additional Production by Nick Taylor and Adrian Fry. Mixed by Nick Taylor and Stephen Rushton. Mastered by Nick Taylor at Porcpine. Additional recording by Gary Solomon at Gate Hill Audio, Stony Point, New York. With special thanks to Gary and Paula Frazier, Dave Keyes, Pat and Jake. Overdub Recordings/Musique Concrete Recorded by Stephen Rushton on Location and at Snakey Lane Studio. Orchestral Arrangements written and conducted by Adrian Fry. Septet Transcriptions; Bryan Pendleton. ‘Tea For Two’ Arranged by Don Shearman. Playback Supervisor; Michael L. Roberts. Divas Vocal arrangements; Stephen Rushton and Keshia Clark. Thanks also to Danny Marsden and Matt Senior for their selfless contributions to this project. Coffee by The Sheriff of Mottingham. Political advisor Shane Rushton. Design and Art Direction; Stylorouge. Photography; Rob O’Connor. Make up; Ele Andrews. Stephen Rushton uses Ludwig Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks and Brushes, Flix Brushes, Remo Drumheads, Protection Racket Cases and Vox Amplification. Thank you Jamie, Martin, Brian, Dean and Gary.